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5 Things You Need To Know About Herpes

Genital herpes is considered one of the largest epidemics, but no one wants to talk about it due to society’s negative look on the infected people. However, it is wise to be well informed about HSV to prevent the spread of the virus. Here are the five essential things you need to know about herpes

1/Avoid sexual activities and sexual contacts during noticeable outbreaks


This is the first and also the most important factor that you need to know and remember. When an outbreak is happening, the risk of transmitting herpes is the highest. Genitals region is also the easiest area for HSV viruses to spread therefore not having sexual intercourse is highly advised. Also, wait at least one week after the outbreaks subside before consider having sexual activities.

2/Get tested for Herpes


Anyone who is concerned or in doubt about HSV should consider getting tested. Everyone has a different immune system so there are a lot of cases where HSV symptoms do not show even when the person is infected. Knowing if you are carrying the virus or not can effectively reduce the chance of spreading it to others. Furthermore, knowing exactly which type of HSV virus you are carrying can help with dealing with the symptoms effectively. HSV-2 is the main cause for genital outbreaks and usually have more severe symptoms than HSV-1.

3/Be fully informed about how herpes viruses spread

Most known information is that herpes spread through sexual intercourse. The virus can also spread through oral sex as well as skin-to-skin contact including genitals, inner thigh and anal area. Herpes is still transmittable even when there are no symptoms showing. Just remember that the area covered by boxer shorts is a high possible spreading region.

4/Use condoms


This is a well-known fact because condoms are proven to be able to cut the risk of spreading by half. Experts also advice to use condom during foreplay as well because the virus can also spread outside the vaginal or anal area.

5/HSV is not unavoidable

Many people have a misunderstanding of having herpes will eventually get their partner infected. Using condoms, following safe protocols, avoid sexual activities as well as taking doctor-advised medicines will significantly bring down the risk of infectivity. Herpes is not a lethal decease and a healthy relationship as well as a healthy sex life are still possible


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