Will ProsurX work for you?

A Deeper Look at ProsurX

With better technology and the advance of current medicine, treatments for HSV have been more sufficient than ever. However, with different ingredients that manufacturers are using, it would be quite difficult for one to determine which product would be best. Alongside the natural ingredients that most products on the market are using, there is a new generation of HSV treatment utilizing silver nanoparticles. A more informative look on this type of treatment which is being used in ProsurX is needed.


How nanoparticles work in HSV treatment

Theoretically, nanoparticles are being utilized in HSV treatment because of two reasons: their anti-viral trait and their strong penetrative ability (because of their nano-size). Not only they can kill the herpes viruses on the surface of outbreaks, but they can also eradicate the viruses deep underneath the skin. The chance of recurrence would also decrease thanks to their strong anti-viral trait.


1/Nanoparticles kill the viruses on the surface, then penetrate to deeper skin layers


2/HSV viruses locating underneath are targeted


3/Nanoparticles completely eradicate the viruses


4/HSV viruses are gone with less chance of recurrence.

There are many studies have positively shown that the traits of silver nanoparticles are indeed effective against HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses. Vaccines for Herpes viruses are also being developed utilizing silver nanoparticles.

Other natural ingredients in ProsurX

Not only the product uses the power of nanomedicine, ProsurX also includes other natural ingredients that are known to be effective in HSV treatment.


Melissa Officinalis: the oil extracted from lemon balm can affect the infectivity of herpes viruses.

Prunella vulgaris_flower3

Prunella Vulgaris: This edible herbaceous plant has been long used in the history of medicine. Studies have shown that the active ingredient of Prunella Vulgaris can bind to HSV viruses and stop them from penetrating healthy cells.


Tea tree: this is absolutely the most popular and well-known in HSV treatment due to their anti-viral trait as well as the ability to increase immune system.

Will ProsurX work for you?

The manufacturers combine natural ingredients with nanoparticles to utilize all of their traits. ProsurX cream can effectively kill the Herpes viruses deep beneath, heal the surface as well as increase immune system. The product, however, still is just an over-the-counter product that only fight the viruses from the outside. A prescription from a doctor is recommended. Last but not least, ProsurX can be a sufficient and quick over-the-counter treatment combining with a doctor’s prescriptions.


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