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Natural Treatments for Herpes Zoster

Herpes zoster (shingles) is a common infection. Everyone will get it at least one time of their life. This disease commonly occurs in adults and people who have weak immune system. It’s estimated that one in every three people in the US will have this illness. Even though herpes zoster can be disappeared within several weeks, it can lead many complications. And in some cases, it will cause serious health problems.

Shingles is caused by the varicella-zoster. This virus is the same virus that leads to chicken pox. After the chicken pox is passed, the virus will stay in nervous system a long time before reviving as single. But, in many cases, the virus stays quiet and doesn’t cause any signs. Although herpes zoster isn’t highly contagious disease, it can spread to another person who hasn’t had chicken pox or who hasn’t received the chicken pox vaccine. It usually appears in the old, but children also have a chance to get it. This is because they have weak immune system, and they have high danger to get herpes zoster.

When contracting this disease, patient will realize some changes in their body. Initially, they have headache and feel uncomfortable, even have flu. After that, they can be painful, itching in a certain area. This is because the quiet virus begins to work strongly. Then, the initial skin rashes will appear on the face, eyes and any parts of the body. The skin rashes and pain can be occurred at the same time and make them so tired. After developing of the rashes, the blisters in the skin break out and create serious exudate. Then, herpes zoster will disappear within 2-4 weeks.

Herpes zoster usually makes discomfort and tiredness. Thus, it’s necessary for you to use some natural treatments in order to reduce many symptoms of the disease. Here are some natural cures that are effective in treating herpes zoster:

A healthy diet

Healthy diet is vital in curing herpes zoster. It not only gives essential nutrients for the body but also builds strong immune system. While weak immune system is one of the reasons that lead to your herpes zoster, healthy diet will help prevent from getting it. Thus, people with shingles should add more food high in B- vitamins. It’s because this virus will attack the nervous system and causes some problems with nervous system. Thus, they need to add a lot of foods that are rich in B-vitamins such as fish, meat, yogurt, apples, pears and green beans. Besides, it’s necessary to add foods that contain more vitamin C. This substance helps to boost your immune system and speed healing. Thus, try to eat many oranges, kales, broccolis, strawberries, guava and kiwi. Moreover, you should add more vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Otherwise, you need to avoid some foods that make your herpes zoster worse. They are foods contain more sugars and caffeine. Sugar will decrease white bloods cells that help defeat against infection. And caffeine can lessen the body of hydration. Thus, you need to avoid fruit juices (contain more sugar) and coffee or beer. Fried food and fast food also make your disease worse.

Geranium essential oil

Geranium oil has been considered as an effective treatment. It can reduce shingles outbreak and lessens the symptoms of this disease. With topical application, geranium essential oil is shown to ease painful sensations within few minutes. Because of its benefits, it’s recommended for herpes zoster pain. Besides this oil, you can use tea tree, lavender and lemongrass essential oil to cure herpes zoster.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is useful in treating shingles. It will reduce the intensity of outbreaks. In addition, it has antibacterial and antiviral effects. It also contains a eugenol compound that acts as a natural pain reliever. The symptoms of herpes zoster can be eased when drinking lemon balm tea several times daily in a few days. You can apply lemon balm oil on the affected area 3-4 times a day. This helps ease pain and prevents outbreaks of shingles.

Wet or cool compress

A cool compress may reduce pain of herpes zoster. You can use wet, cool compress on shingles blisters to decrease their fire. These cooling compresses will help reduce shingles pain, itching and sensitivity. You can repeat the process as often as you need and should remember to change the wash cloth with each session. And don’t apply ice pack to the rash, it can increase skin sensitivity and makes pain worse.

Healing bath

You can reduce the risk of spreading the infection by daily cleansing of the blisters. Taking shower to ease your skin and soothe pain from herpes zoster as well as calm itchiness. You can also take a healing bath to reduce your symptoms. But you shouldn’t use hot water. It’s because hot water will increase blood flow and make shingles blisters worsen. After taking a healing bath, it’s necessary to dry your body and wash your towel to avoid transmitting the virus to other people.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar helps reduce the severity of shingles outbreaks. It’s because apple cider vinegar will provide natural anti-itch agents and acetic acid substance and anti-inflammatory. These substances decrease your pain, itch and reduce outbreaks of this disease. You can apply it to affected area 3-4 times a days, or apply it as soon as you experience the initial sensation. This helps treat herpes zoster when it begins flare ups.

Everyone will get herpes zoster at some point of their life. It may cause a lot of discomfort and lead to many complications if it cannot treated immediately. But you shouldn’t be worried, natural treatments can help prevent this disease as soon as it starts flare-ups.



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