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Foods to Prevent Herpes Outbreaks

According to a survey conducted by World Health Organization, 2 in every 3 people under 50 year old have cold sores or oral herpes. This disorder caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1. It’s about 3,7 million people all over the world contracting this virus. Not only that, 20 million new cases with genital herpes have been diagnosed each year according to the Center for disease Control and Prevention. The herpes simplex virus type 2 is the reason of genital herpes. Thus, herpes becomes the common disease and everyone has an equal chance of acquiring it. After an infection is passed, the virus doesn’t go away. It stays in the nervous system and waits for reactivating. Hence, herpes outbreaks will occur whenever they want, it’s necessary for you to pay attention to this disease as well as your diet. It’s because diet is important for preventing herpes breakouts.

Diet has an effect on frequency of outbreaks, healthy diet will promote antibodies for the body and make your immune system stronger. Otherwise, harmful diet will harm your cells and leads to more danger to have herpes outbreaks. Thus, if you want to prevent your herpes breakouts, you need to know about what foods you should add and what foods you need to avoid.

Foods that contain high Lysine

As you know, Lysine is an essential substance for the body. It will prevent the virus that leads to herpes. If you take high amounts of Lysine in your meals, it can decrease an outbreak frequently and soothe the symptoms of this disease. That’s why foods that are rich lysine are recommended to eat. Here are some foods you that are more lysine you need to add in your diet, including:

–   Fruits: avocados, apples, papaya, pears mangoes and figs

–  Meats: chicken, beef or lamp are also beneficial for the body

–  Fishes: cod, sardines and salmon

–  Daily products:  milk, yogurt, cheese are also necessary for preventing herpes outbreaks.

But you should balance the amount of lysine in the body. It’s because too much lysine may work against you.



Foods that are rich vitamin C

Although lysine is useful for preventing herpes outbreaks, it’s not the only substance that your body needs. The body wants to have more nutrient that resists an infection. Thus, C vitamins is necessary for the body. It will help cure breakouts fast and make your body stronger to defeat the virus as well. You can add foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as:

–          Leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce

–          Broccoli, bell peppers and cauliflower

–          Fresh fruit such as oranges, strawberries



Foods that contain a lot of B vitamins

Stress affects your body and contributes to develop herpes outbreaks regularly. Reducing stress is to decrease your outbreaks. Besides, you can prevent it by adding rich in B vitamins in your diet. Vitamin B5 has been considered the anti-stress vitamin. And when getting more vitamin B6, your body will have a high chance to regain from stress. Thus, B vitamins are important for nervous system. They not only produce serotonin in the body but also release a hormone in the brain. This helps you to feel happy and relaxed.

So you need to add more food that contain high amounts of B vitamins. These foods can be bananas, green leafy vegetables, soy products, mushroom, tuna, salmon and other meats.

Besides beneficial foods for preventing herpes outbreaks, you need to avoid some food that can increase the development of herpes.


Avoid foods that contain too much Arginine

Foods that are rich amino acid Arginine will promote herpes for some people. It’s because the herpes virus requires amount of amino acid to develop and to become active. Thus, limiting foods that are very high in Arginine will be helpful for reducing herpes breakouts.

Some foods which are high in Arginine should be limited, including:

–  Nuts, including peanut butter

–  Chocolate

–  Protein shakes and drinks that are high in Arginine

–  Oats, even porridge

–  Lentils


Foods that are high acid

Acidic foods are considered to weaken your immune system, they also make you susceptible to conditions and infections such as herpes. Besides, they encourage the reproduction the virus inside the body and lead to more frequent outbreaks. All foods that are recommended to avoid are:

–  Alcohol

–  Caffeine

–  Too much red meat

–  Processed products

–  All junk food

–  Soda

–  Pasta

High acid level will make your immune system weak and lead to get many infections. Caffeine also increases the frequent flare-up. Hence, you need to avoid these harmful foods. In addition, you can add more immune-strengthening herbs. Garlic, olive leaf, Echinacea and licorice are beneficial in promoting the immune system.

Healthy diet is really important for your health. It prevents not only health problems but also herpes outbreaks. Thus, people with herpes should focus on diet to reduce herpes breakouts. You need to eat more beneficial foods in daily meals and limit harmful foods that can improve your immune system and defeat the virus as well.





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