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Home Remedies for Cold Sores

Cold sore (oral herpes) is a common disorder that appears blisters in the mouth. It’s caused by the virus herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1). Sometimes the virus herpes simplex type 2 (HSV-2) can lead to this disorder. It’s estimated that 50% children of American has HSV-1, and two-third of adults has this virus. Moreover, 90% of population in the world gets at least one cold sore in some point of life time. It’s becomes a highly contagious disease.

Cold sores usually appear outside the mouth. They are red blisters on the cheeks, lips, or in nostrils. Cold sores are generally not dangerous to health problems, but they can cause serious problems if do not cure. With cold sore, it can last 7-14 days to heal completely.

Few people with cold sores don’t have any symptoms, but others will feel uncomfortable in eating or drinking. The symptoms of cold sores can be itching and burning sensation around lips. After that, blisters can appear within 24-48 hours. Then, blisters will break out and begin to ooze fluid. Some cases require treatment with drugs, but many home remedies can be used to cure it. Thus, to treat this disorder, you can use some home remedies.

Supplement with vitamin C, E

As you know, cold sores are serious for people who have weak immune system. Their body don’t have enough energy and antibodies to defeat the virus. Thus, eating foods that promote immune system is very helpful. Especially, vitamin C and vitamin E are beneficial for your body. While vitamin E lessens the skin and helps to relieve pain or discomfort from cold sores, vitamin C will boost white blood cells. This defends your body against the virus. Thus, taking more vitamin C not only promotes your immune system but also improves your skin health. And of course- it is to heal cold sores. You need to add more vitamin C foods such as oranges, kales, broccoli, strawberries and grapefruit.

The benefits of vitamin E is to repair damaged skin and reduce inflammation. Hence, you should eat a lot vitamin E foods. Foods that contain more vitamin E are spinach, sweet potatoes, leafy green vegetables and whole grain.

Taking L-lysine

L-lysine is an amino acid that acts as a natural herpes treatment. When getting this substance, it will prevent the herpes virus from developing. Thus, it’s necessary for you to take it in daily meals. Some foods that are rich in L-lysine are fish, turkey, legumes, vegetables and chicken. Adding more L-lysine can reduce cold sore outbreaks and heal time for recurrent HSV infection.

Applying Aloe Vera gel or use peppermint essential oil

Aloe Vera is used to cure skin disorders. It contains fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins as well as minerals that help cure and prevent further infection. Hence, using aloe vera will ease your symptoms of cold sores and speed the healing process. For peppermint essential oil, it has antiviral constituents that are a great tool for curing this disorder. It also contains high levels of virucidal activity against both HSV-1 and HSV-2. This oil is proved to be more effective in the early stages of signs, so you should apply it when having some initial symptoms to gain good results.

Boosting your Zinc intake

Zinc is essential mineral to maintain health, promote immune system as well as reduce inflammation. It usually contains variety of forms such as syrups, capsules and lozenges. These substances are an effective treatment for oral herpes infection. Thus, you need to add foods that have more Zinc, including chicken, turkey, salmon, cashews and mushroom. These food will be beneficial in decreasing the danger of cold sores.

Avoiding sunshine

With oral herpes, sunshine becomes a dangerous factor that can trigger an attack. It also harms your skin and causes many skin problems. Hence, using sunscreen is an effective way to reduce the number of cold sore outbreaks. However, you need to choose appropriate sunscreen, select 100% natural or organic sunscreen. It’s because the majority of sunscreen are toxic and they can harm your skin than protect it.

Ice it

Ice cannot reduce the duration of a cold sores, but it can soothe the inflammation and discomfort of oral herpes. To reduce pain of cold sores, you can hold an ice cube directly on the sores for as long as possible. And then, put on a little petroleum jelly, the jelly will keep bacteria out and lessen symptoms of cold sores.

Keeping your hands off

Cold sore is a highly contagious until it heals. The virus can be spread if you touch your hurts and move other areas. It will give you high risk to get this disorder. Thus, it’s important for you to keep your hands off to avoid spreading the infection.

Prescription cold sore remedies

Complication from oral herpes are rare but they are possible. Thus, if your cold sores don’t improve within few weeks you should look for medical care. Especially people with weakened immune system. They should seek medical treatment to avoid complications. With cold sores, doctor can give you some drugs taken in pill form such as Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and Famciclovir. And some products used to apply the sores are ProsurX and H-Balm cream. They are effective products to treat oral herpes in a short time. Especially, ProsurX is used widely by thousands people each year. It lessens the symptoms as well as stops outbreaks effectively.

When getting the virus, it will stay in your body forever. Some people don’t have any symptoms or outbreaks, but others will contract cold sores regularly. Although oral herpes isn’t serious for your health, it still causes discomfort in your life and even has some complications. Thus, it’s important for you to use home remedies as soon as cold sores begin flare-ups.







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