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6 Disturbing Facts About Cold Sores

Cold sores are so common, so everyone has an equal chance to contract them. It’s estimated that more than half of Americans at the age from 14 to 49 get the disease. Many people tend to ignore them until they go away. But cold sores can spread to other areas and lead to many complications. Thus, it’s important for you to understand them and the ways they disturb your life.

Some disturbing facts about cold sores

1. Cold sore are related to genital herpes

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). There are two strains of the virus- HSV1 and HSV2. While HSV1 causes fever blisters around mouth or on lips, HSV2 causes blisters in the genital area. Because of herpes infections, they cause more pain and discomfort for people. And once contracting the virus, it will stay dormant in the nervous system. Then, it reacts and leads to outbreaks when meeting good conditions.

2. Almost everyone contracts HSV1

Cold sores are everywhere. They are too common that 9 in every 10 people have the infection. People usually contract the virus when they’re young. The virus can be spread easily through kissing or sharing utensils with other infected people. Members in a family or best friends tend to share their utensils or personal items with other people. This leads to spread of the virus fast. Besides, children also have it, when parents with cold sores kiss their babies, their children may develop cold sores.

3. Cold sores can spread to other areas or your partner’s genitals

Cold sores tend to develop other areas in the body without treatments. Some areas that they usually develop are the lips, mouth, genitals, face and butt. They also affect your eyes. Not only that, cold sores can be transmitted to your partner through oral sex. When having oral sex without a condom, your partner has high danger of getting the infection. Thus, you need to protect yourself and your partner from a cold sore. Besides, try to remember that wash your hands after touching blisters

4. Outbreaks often occur

Once getting the virus, it exists in your body forever and causes many outbreaks. People who are suffering other infections or have a weakened immune system usually have outbreaks. It’s because their immune systems don’t have enough antibodies that fight against the virus. So, it’s important for you to provide enough nutrients and vitamins for the body. Moreover, avoiding stress and other triggers of outbreaks are essential for you. If your cold sores develop more than 6 times a year, you need to talk your doctor that can find suitable treatments to prevent outbreaks.

5. Cold sores are dangerous to babies

It’s dangerous for a baby when a mother with pregnancy have cold sores. If they spread to the genitals, the risks of premature labor, miscarriage, low birth weight can be occurred. Besides, cold sores can be transmitted to a baby during delivery. When women get cold sores at the first period of pregnancy, the danger of the virus affecting their babies is higher.

6. Cold sores look like pimple

Initially, cold sores develop like pimple around your mouth or lips. If you focus on their symptoms, you can realize cold sores and find treatments to cure them. If not, they develop fast and can spread to other areas. Especially, cold sores may develop around your eyes and leads to severe complications.

How to treat cold sores

Cold sores can be cleared up fast if you apply treatments in the early stages. You can take supplements, topical creams or home remedies to cure a cold sore.

Boost your immune system. To treat cold sores and prevent outbreaks, you need to promote your immune system. Adding foods that are rich in lysine and vitamins are important for you. Lysine is an amino acid that stops virus herpes well. Providing vitamins, mineral and nutrients is effective for your immune system.

Treat them with natural remedies. Tea tree oil, garlic, aloe vera and lemon balm are effective for your cold sores. These home remedies are rich in anti-viral, antifungal and eugenol which kill the virus and prevent cold sores well. They’re also cheap and have no side effect.

Take supplements. Many people with cold sores tend to have nutrient deficiencies. Thus, taking supplements regularly is beneficial for them. After taking supplements a long time, many people can see the results. So, vitamin D, C, E, A supplements are usually recommended for people with cold sores.

Take medications. People with herpes usually take prescribed medicines to treat. Some prescribed medications like Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Peniclovir and Famciclovir are used to cure herpes. Besides, ProsurX is one of the best treatments for herpes. It cures both cold sores and genital herpes well. ProsurX works on the surface as well as in lower skin layers, so it kills the virus and stops herpes effectively.

After cold sores are cleared up, you need to avoid triggers and other factors that lead to your outbreaks. Stress, sunlight, unhealthy lifestyle and harmful diet are common triggers. They may cause your outbreaks easily. Also, you should practice good personal hygiene. It’s necessary for you to avoid sharing utensils or personal items with other people.

Cold sores may go away by itself within 10-14 days. But they can spread fast without treatments and lead to many severe complications. Not only that, a cold sore is so embarrassing and disturbs your life in developing time. Thus, you need to find out suitable treatments and promote your immune system.




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