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8 Reasons It Hurts When You Have Sex

There are so many words for us to describe sex: fantastic, empowering, thrilling and exciting. And, some people didn’t forget to mention “stinging” or “painful” when they have sex. In fact, according to a recent survey, 30% of women are reported to suffer pain during their last sexual intercourse. Pain during sex shouldn’t be ashamed of because it can signal a larger health issue. For example: psychological issue, bacterial infection or sexual transmitted diseases. Moreover, painful sex not only ruins the moment, but it can also give great consequences: overall loss of intimacy, lowered sex drive or fear of sex. However, you shouldn’t worry because we have solutions for this problem. The following are some common reasons women experience pain during sex and how to fix it.

  1. Lack of lube

Your vagina is a natural self-lubricator, but you may suffer from dryness during intercourse. In reality, dryness can cause you to pain when there is a friction between your vagina and his manhood. The risk factors for this problem are:

  • You’re not lubricated enough.
  • You haven’t had foreplay to warm up for sex.
  • You are close to menopause or are breastfeeding.
  • You have warm showers and baths.
  • Allergy pills or hormonal birth control pills.

The solution: You should have a tube of lube ready for action. Some experts recommend a vaginal moisturizer or lubricant, like Luvena. Besides, you should take hormone therapy and prescription treatments to maintain your vaginal health.

  1. You have a yeast infection

Yeast infection caused by the yeast Candida Albicans can cause vaginal itching. The condition normally affects more than 75% of women at some point in their lifetime. Besides, vaginal itching can be accompanied by some typical symptoms. For example: rash, burning, redness and swelling around or in your vagina.

A yeast infection tends to be more itchy than painful. However, it can cause inflammation in vagina and pain upon penetration.

The solution: You are advised to abstain from sex until the condition is resolved. You can also get rid of yeast infections quickly by applying Fugacil. The natural ingredients in it are known for killing fungus and preventing its recurrence.

  1. You have genital infections

There are many genital infections that can make sex uncomfortable and painful. For example: genital herpes, genital warts, trichomoniasis, chlamydia or other STDs.

The solution: If you are experiencing pain during sex, you should consult a doctor to find out the causes. Most genital infections can be treated easily and curable. If you suffer a painful sex from genital herpes, you are recommend to use Prosurx. This product is known for drying out cold sores and preventing herpes outbreaks quickly. Moreover, genital wart, one of the most common STDs, can cause your vagina to itch, pain and bleed during sex. If you get this condition, you should apply Vidarox to reduce warts and prevent the spreading.

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  1. Stress and tension

Stress or tension can greatly contribute to painful sex. In fact, it can make you tired, bored and want to leave the game soon. Therefore, it’s important that relaxation can make you feel ready and interested in sex.

The solution: You should manage your stress in life. Also, reduce your tension to bed with you. To de-stress, you can do yoga or give each other a relaxing massage.

  1. Your partner is too big

In a small number of cases, a man’s love gun can be a cause of painful sex. In fact, no guy is too large to wear condoms but his manhood might not fit into your. You’re petite and your partner’s quite large.

The solution: You can get benefits from lube. Moreover, both of you should change sex positions. Most women love “slow down” or “more gentle” when having sex.

  1. Your sex position isn’t working for you

Wrong positions can also be a reason for pain during sex.

The solution: switch positions. You can try some sex positions that give you more control in terms of angle and depth of penetration.

  1. You have endometriosis

Endometriosis is a rare condition that affects about 7% of women worldwide. The condition occurs when the tissue lining the uterus begins to grow in other areas.  As a result, it can lead to pain with vaginal penetration and intercourse.

The solution: Endometriosis can be treated by laparoscopic surgery. Thus, if you have pain during sex or painful periods from endometriosis, you should ask your doctor for treatment.

  1. You have irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is reason for painful sex. In fact, the condition often appears with common symptoms like diarrhea, cyclic constipation, periods of intestinal and pain during sex.

The solution: You should consult a doctor to reduce symptoms. Besides, you can have some tips to manage the condition. For example, medications, reduce stress, change your diet, and behavioral therapy.

There are many reasons it hurts during sex. Therefore, any time you experience an acute and sudden painful sex, you should get it check out. An early treatment can help improve the moment and prevent many hard diseases.

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