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How to Make Peace With Herpes

Herpes is the second highly contagious infection in types of sexually transmitted diseases. Most people who have sexual contact will have danger to contract the infection. In fact, a large number of people in the US are infected with it. It’s estimated that, one in every six Americans at the age from 14 to 49 is spread the infection. Herpes is easy to be spread. But getting it doesn’t mean your life ends. You may only experience some physical and mental issues. These problems will be solved if you can put your mind at ease. Here are some ways that you can make peace with herpes.

1. Accept that you have herpes

The best thing to make peace with herpes is to accept your infection. It will allow you to move forward. Many studies shows that people who accept herpes as a part of their lives will have a better life. Otherwise, they may feel too worried and tired that disturb their treatments. Besides, they can take longer healing time than other people. Thus, if you want to cure your herpes, you need to accept it. You should focus on your present and don’t think of worst situations in the future. This may have effect on your negative emotions and your treatments.

2. Redefine herpes is normal

Herpes is normal, it can’t change all things in your life. You can still do all things that you had planned before.  It only has a little bit different thing is your medications. You may take medicines every day and have to prevent outbreaks. But you can keep going your life as normal. You need to know that, the infection is too common. Lots of people get herpes like you, and they still have a normal life. So, you’re not alone when contracting the disease.

3. Forget your sexual history

After diagnosed with herpes, you may be embarrassed, guilty, angry or nervous. These are normal, but you need to through them. It’s worse for you if you hold on these negative feelings. They can cause your stress and lead to many outbreaks after that. Having herpes doesn’t mean you do bad things or have a complicated sexual history. It may be because of your carelessness. You need to forget it and give a chance for yourself to cure the infection.

4. Forgive people who give the virus to you

You may be upset with the person who spreads the virus to you. But most people don’t know they contract the infection. You should tell with your partner and ask him/her about it. But it’s good for you to forgive this person if he/ she gives you the infection on the purpose. Holding on anger only hurts your emotion and causes difficulty in treatments. When forgiveness is hard for you, you should seek support from friends, therapist or your work.

5. Look for support

When facing with the infection, you tend to isolate yourself. You may feel shy and guilty that don’t let anyone knows. Unluckily, this can make your disease worse. You have to know that your emotion has a big impact on the infection. So, you should tell your trouble to someone you can trust. This will help relieve your nervousness and make you feel better. A person can be your family member, best friend or partner. People who care for you won’t turn with your back because of your infection.

6. Join a support group

It’s helpful if you join a support group. This is a safe place for you to talk all feelings and learn experiences from lots of people. You can join in online groups or other outside clubs.

Making peace with herpes is also to manage it at the same time. You need to keep the infection in control that avoids outbreaks and its spreading. Also, finding out suitable treatments to cure your herpes.

Meet your medical professional. Your doctor may give the best way to control your herpes. So, you can feel free to tell your concerns and how herpes affects your life. Then, she/ he will direct how to manage your infection and its outbreaks.

Take medications. It’s helpful for you to take medication. Even though the infection can’t be cured completely, medication can relieve your signs. It also reduces inflammation and prevents outbreaks. Doctor may recommend Acyclovir, Valtrex and Famciclovir to you. These are effective in curing your herpes. Besides, you can apply ProsurX to your infected areas. It’s an antiviral cream which treats herpes effectively. The product can kill the virus in deep skin layers and prevent its spreading well. ProsurX also keeps you out of further outbreaks.

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Limit your stress. There is a strong connection between stress and outbreaks frequently. Stress can be a trigger of many diseases and infections. Thus, it’s important for you to reduce your stress. Yoga, deep breathing and walking are beneficial methods to limit your stress. Or you can do anything you like and should practice control your stress in your daily life.

Avoid sex if you’re develop herpes. If you’re develop herpes and an outbreak, try to not have sex. Having sexual contact at this period will spread the virus to your partner. You need to tell the truth with him or her about your infection. Telling this truth may have a little bit difficult for you. But your partner also knows his/ her dangers of getting herpes. Being honest about your disease may help build trust in your relationship.

Herpes doesn’t as bad as you think. It’s popular to every one acquires the infection. You still have a happy life like normal people. Thus, you shouldn’t be too worried when getting the disease. Based on above things, you can live with the infection normally and happily.





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