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Does Green Tea Treat Cold Sores?

Caused by the herpes simplex virus, cold sores are so common that everyone can contract them. It estimated that about 80% of the people in the US have been infected with the infection. Most infected people want to remove them fast if possible. But some questions asked that does green tea (one type of home remedies) treat cold sores? Can putting green tea bags on cold sores work? Lots of people have doubt about the benefits of green tea in curing cold sores. The information provided below will solve your doubt.

Can green tea work for cold sores?

Green tea has been used widely in the world. Many studies show that it contains many important properties which boost your immune system. Also, it can help prevent lots of infections and risks of cancers.

As you know green tea is rich in antiviral, antioxidant properties and EGCG which can treat the infection. Also, it will shorten your healing time and prevent other infections.

Thanks to antioxidant component, consumption green tea will fight against free radicals. Then, protect cells against damage. It also contains important minerals that help get rid of cold sores faster.

Moreover, proved as a natural winner, green tea is helpful in a cold sore recovery. It can reduce spread of the virus and boost your immune system. As one of the major cold sore triggers is weakened immune function, green tea can improve this issue. This herb also removes dangerous toxins and prevents damaged skin from cold sores. So, if you’re developing the infection, drinking green tea every day or appling its bags to infected area will be useful. It’s good for you to repeat the process every 2 hours by using fresh tea bag. And you should use green tea oil until your infection is cleared up.

At the same time, you should combine green tea with nutrient diet to boost the healing process. Adding foods with lysine and vitamin C, D, E can supply your immune system and heal cold sores fast. Besides, doctor may recommend you ProsurX. It’s an antiviral cream which can kill the virus in skin layers and prevent its spreading. Thousands of people has been used ProsurX and satisfy with its results.

Other health benefits of green tea

Besides healing cold sores, green tea oil is beneficial for your health. With excellent components, this herb has wonderful effect on your overall health. Let’s find out its benefits on your health.

Lowers your risks of cancer. You know that, cancer is caused by an overgrowth of cells. If your body can’t keep these cell under control, they will develop fast and build your cancer. But using green tea may reduce your dangers of getting cancer. It contains lots of antioxidant and EGCG that will lower your cancer. Drinking green tea every day is helpful for you. However, it’s bad opinion to put milk in tea. This will lower the antioxidant value.

Helps reduce stress. Green tea will control your stress and help relax. It’s powerful theanine- an amino acid in tea plant helps support the immune function and reduce stress. Also, this property helps lots of infections. Thus, boosting your health by drinking green tea is a good idea.

Relieves allergies. Another health benefit of green tea is to reduce your allergies. The EGCG in this herb works well to remove toxins and reduces allergies in your body. Green tea will stop the reaction at the beginning of an allergy by slowing histidine decarboxylation reaction. Then, the allergy doesn’t have chance to develop.

Boosts metabolism. Metabolism plays a vital role in transferring nutrients and oxygen in the body. Green tea will boost your metabolism and burn more energy. Some studies show that this herb may decrease calories in body fat. So, drinking tea is an excellent method to improve your metabolism. Though green tea can boost your metabolism, you shouldn’t drink it when you’re hungry. It may make you more tired and affect your digestive system.

Reduces your risks of cardiovascular. Cardiovascular diseases include stroke, heart disease that can lead to your death. But many studies show that, green tea can reduce your risks of getting many heart diseases. Drinking it will raise the antioxidant capacity of the blood which can remove bad cholesterol in the body.

Treats acne. It’s not surprised when green tea can heal your acne. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties may cure your acne fast. Drinking tea oil may be useful for your acne. When combined with healthy foods, your acne may be removed fast and can’t turn again.

Delays premature aging. With great components, green tea is considered one of the excellent ingredients in keeping your beauty. The antioxidant in leaves of green tea is beneficial for delaying premature aging. Especially, it contains more antioxidant capacity. This keeps your skin beautiful and prevents wrinkles on your face.

Green tea is really wonderful herb for improving your health. It also helps reduce your risks of getting many diseases and infections, even cancers. Drinking it every day doesn’t only boost your health but also keeps your beauty. But you shouldn’t use green tea when you’re really tired or hungry. It can affect your digestive system and make you more fatigue.









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