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Can I Live a Normal Life With Herpes?

Herpes is a viral infection that affects approximately one in six Americans. It’s not dangerous but highly contagious, especially through direct skin contact. Also, living with herpes is not always easy since its symptoms are painful and annoying. Usually, the first outbreak is the worst. You may feel ashamed, embarrassed, upset and painful at first. But over time, you’ll probably feel a lot better. You’ll not be in extreme pain or discomfort as previous times. You’ll still be able to love, date and have sex. In fact, millions of people with herpes still have relationships and live normally. Here’s everything you need to know about herpes and how to live a normal life with it.

Understanding the basics

Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus that affects the skin or nervous system. This virus is normally called HSV and includes two different strains. These are HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV-1 can cause oral herpes, whereas HSV-2 can be to blame for genital herpes. Despite sharing the same name, they still have different symptoms and locations. Oral herpes often occurs in the mouth while genital herpes develops in the genital areas. Moreover, long-term complications caused by oral and genital herpes can be various. Oral herpes can be more risky because it can affect the eyes and brain, leading to death. Although genital herpes is sexually transmitted, it’s not a major health threat. This kind of herpes mainly infects the genital and anal areas. It rarely affects other parts of the body or develops complications.  

The most common symptoms of herpes according to doctors are:

  • Tiny, fluid-filled blisters
  • Painful sores
  • Itching, tingling, burning
  • Redness and swelling
  • Flu-like symptoms

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, speak to your doctor. They may look at your symptoms or make a swab test to diagnose the infection.

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herpes blisters

Identifying the causes of herpes

There are plenty of factors that increase your risk of contracting herpes, including:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Exposure to sunlight cold weather
  • A weak immune system
  • Hormonal change
  • An illness
  • Surgery
  • Sexual intercourse

There is no cure for herpes, and despite treatment, the virus still lives in your body. If you’re exposed to any of these factors, that can trigger a herpes outbreak. That’s why people with herpes often develop numerous outbreaks during their lives. While some people have herpes once for life, others develop outbreaks every month.

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Stress can trigger herpes outbreaks

How is herpes transmitted?

It’s completely true that herpes can be transmitted during sexual intercourse. Also, there are many different ways where herpes are highly contagious. These include:

Autoinoculation transmission. It means that you can get herpes through a skin friction or damaged skin.

Intimate contact. Kissing or having oral, vaginal and anal sex can make herpes spread.

Congenital Transmission. To this case, a mother can transmit herpes to her new born baby. But the chances of that happening are quite rare.

The virus that causes herpes doesn’t survive a long time outside the body. Thus, you cannot contract herpes from a hot tub, locker room or toilet seat.  

Kissing and herpes

Can I live a normal life with herpes?

The answer is yes. You can reduce and minimize herpes outbreaks by taking antiviral medications. Besides, you should communicate with others and avoid triggers to prevent recurrences. In fact, there are many different treatment options to cure herpes infections. You can take oral tablets, apply antiviral creams, or use home-base remedies. So, ask your doctor to determine which treatment is best for you. The following are some effective methods that doctors usually suggest treating herpes.

Apply Prosurx cream

Prosurx is the best treatment option for curing oral and genital herpes. It has been known to be effective in stopping herpes outbreaks and inactivating the virus. The cream is made from natural ingredients which are highly effective against HSV. These ingredients include Melissa, tea tree, aloe Vera, and vulgaris. Besides these antiviral agents, Prosurx uses the power of antiviral nanoparticles. So, it can work 5 times faster than other traditional creams. To treat herpes, you are advised to buy Prosurx cream and follow the directions. Many people apply it 2-3 times a day and get rid of herpes just after a few days.

Use prescription medications

Common medications used to treat herpes are Acyclovir, Famciclovir, and Valacyclovir. These treatments are recommended when you truly develop herpes outbreaks. Even when your signs and symptoms are invisible, you can also take them daily.

prescription medications for herpes

Try home-base remedies

Home remedies that can help relieve herpes symptoms are:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Lemon balm
  • Green tea
  • Aloe Vera
  • Apply cool compress

These treatments are inexpensive to treat herpes. However, the evidence about their efficiency is still limited. If you’re considering using a home remedy, discuss with your doctor first.

Prevent herpes transmission

Herpes is highly contagious, so you need to have healthy lifestyles while coping with it. Some helpful ways to avoid the spreading of herpes are:

  • Use condoms during sexual intercourse
  • Avoid orally kissing with an infected person
  • Avoid having sex with multiple partners
  • Avoid having sex with someone who has herpes
  • Avoid having sex while you’re infected with herpes
  • See a doctor if you’re having genital herpes and get pregnant

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how to have sex with herpes

Herpes may leave you a feeling shocking and overwhelming. But don’t panic! You can live a normal life with herpes even after diagnosis. Apply Prosurx, take medications, eat healthy and change lifestyles. Everything you do right with herpes will give you a chance to live normally.


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