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Top 8 Common Reasons for Painful Intercourse

There’re many ways to describe sex: exciting, thrilling and pleasure. But when you experience painful intercourse, your body could be trying to tell wrong things. Nearly 75% of women have painful intercourse at some time during their lives. Painful intercourse may be experienced as sharp pain, deep pain or a burning sensation during sex. Knowing the specific discomfort you’re going through can help you and your healthcare provider find out the right treatment. There’re a lot of factors contributing to painful sex. But the following common reasons for painful intercourse should be noticed.  


Top 8 Common Reasons for Painful Intercourse

  1. You’re Not Having Enough Sex

This is one of the common reasons for painful intercourse. Many people who haven’t had sex for two years have reported that they usually experience painful feeling during sex. It can be explained that irregularly sexual activity can’t keep your vagina healthy and strong. The vaginal is just like any muscles, it needs to be exercised and kept strong. That’s why not having enough sex is the cause of painful intercourse. If you’ve often sex, the vaginal walls will stay stretched and the vaginal muscle becomes more flexible.

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  1. You’re Not Lubricated Enough

The vagina has a self- lubricator mechanism. But if you skip foreplay or are breastfeeding, you could suffer dryness during sex. Not having enough lubrication is also one of the common reasons for painful intercourse. It’s because dryness causes unnecessary friction between your vagina and his penis. To deal with this problem, it’s always worth spending time coming contact into acts. For those who suffer from chronic dryness issues, doctors recommend a lubricant. They may also suggest a method of replenishing estrogen to the vagina.

Vaginal dryness is one of the common reasons for painful intercourse

Vaginal dryness is one of the common reasons for painful intercourse

  1. You Have an STI or Another Infection

STIs such as genital herpes, syphilis, genital warts or chlamydia are the culprits of painful sex. These cause pelvic pain during intercourse that makes you scared of sex. If you notice burning feelings when urinating and see lesions or sores, see your doctor. They can check, diagnose and prescribe proper medicines. Many STIs can be treated with a short course of antibiotics. But others need to be cured by antiviral medications. For examples, antibiotics aren’t available for herpes infections. They must be treated with antiviral drugs or creams. Prosurx is one of the best topical creams for herpes. This cream approved by the FDA kills the virus on the skin’s surface and in deep skin layers. Thus, it helps treat current herpes infection and prevent further outbreaks.

In addition, a vaginal yeast infection that’s not an STI can be the cause. This infection may cause external itching or internal burning which makes intercourse uncomfortable. Luckily, a yeast infection is treatable easily with OTC medication or a prescription from doctors.

  1. You’re Very Stressed Out

Stress doesn’t result in painful intercourse, but it has impact on arousal. You may have a million things to do in a day, and even take stress to your bed. Of course, this affects your sex life because stress reduces the amount of lubrication and muscle relaxation. Also, stress is linked to bacterial infections and pelvic floor muscle spasm. Both are the common reasons for painful intercourse. Luckily, relaxation helps for feeling ready and more interested in sex. So, you should control stress before you get busy by asking your partner for massages or trying a yoga class.

Stress reduces the amount of lubrication and muscle relaxation, triggering painful sex

Stress reduces the amount of lubrication and muscle relaxation, triggering painful sex

  1. You’re Close to Menopause

There’re many vaginal changes during menopause involve more than only lubrication. This will be clearly after a completed menopause when parts of the vulva and vagina become more sensitive. But there have been a lot of ways to reduce the unwanted signs of menopause. To cope with this condition, you should consult with your health care provider about the potential causes and treatment.

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  1. Your Partner is Too Big

For some people, “genital fit” is a culprit of painful sex, it means that your partner is quite big while you’re petite. Though lubrication can help in several cases, “genital fit” is a problem. In cases where his penis is hitting your cervix, or leading to uncomfortable stretch level, it can change sex positions. But most of times, women aren’t confidently to say “slow down” or “be gentle”. Both of you can try switching things up to avoid painful feeling during sex.

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Your partner is too big is also a reason for painful intercourse

Your partner is too big could also be a reason for painful intercourse

  1. You’ve a Sexual Dysfunction

Although sexual dysfunction in women aren’t often talked about, some of them experience vaginismus. This disorder makes muscles of the pelvic floor unwillingly spasm. It also tightens during intercourse, causing painful sex. Pain during intercourse can also be caused by hyperactive nerve fibers around your vulva. In fact, these dysfunctions result from psychological background associated with abuse or trauma. If you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction, talk to your specialist who can help determine the underlying issues.

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  1. You Have Digestive Problems

Women who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome often have painful sensation during sex. If you’re constipated or above digestive problems and have intercourse, this can put pressure on irritated parts of the body. Then, it triggers inflammation and irritation of the bowel. You should consult with your doctor about this trouble. They can diagnose and prescribe medication to help.

Sex should mostly feel good, and when it becomes painful, it’s trying to tell wrong things in your body. There’re many common reasons for painful intercourse. But above reasons are more frequent. If you’ve usually suffer from painful intercourse, should consult with your health care provider to treat.


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