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How to Tell if a Herpes Outbreak Is Coming

Herpes is an infection caused by a virus. It occurs anywhere on your body. Antiviral medication like Prosurx can help treat symptoms. But herpes outbreaks can occur at any time. This article will talk in detail about this condition, how to tell if a herpes outbreak is coming, and how to deal with it. 

Herpes is one of the most common STIs in the US. It is caused by two closely related viruses, named HSV-1 and HSV-2.

  • HSV-1 causes oral herpes or cold sore. It usually affects the lips, mouth, nose and face, causing blisters or sores. HSV-1 can be passed through skin contact like touching, kissing and by sexual contact.
  • HSV-2 is responsible for genital herpes. It usually causes blisters on or around the genital and anal area. HSV-2 can be transmitted by sexual contact.

To know what kind of herpes you have, speak to your doctor. They will examine your symptoms and take a sample of fluid from the sores to test it. If necessary, they may recommend a blood test to confirm the diagnosis.

How often do herpes outbreaks occur?

Herpes is so common and can affect 90% of Americans at some point in their lives. The infection usually occurs within the first two weeks after virus exposure. Herpes can last from two to three weeks and then heal on its own. After the first outbreak, the virus stays dormant in the bundle of nerves at the spine base. When it wakes up, it moves to the surface of the skin, causing another outbreak.

The number of herpes outbreaks can vary greatly. While some people only get one or two outbreaks per year, others get many. In fact, some people go months or years without an outbreak. But for others, outbreaks can return very frequently, after weeks or months. A study shows that people with HSV-2 can have more outbreaks than those with HSV-1. The location of your herpes and the time you having it can also impact the frequency of your outbreaks. But over time, the number of outbreaks will decrease.

Herpes viruses

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What causes an outbreak of herpes?

The exact cause of herpes outbreaks is still unknown. However, many experts believe that several factors could contribute to the recurrent problem. These are:

  • A fever or cold
  • Physical and emotional stress
  • Skin irritation
  • Skin trauma
  • Menstruation
  • Sexual intercourse  
  • Environmental elements ( wind, or sunlight)
  • Cigarettes and alcohol  
  • Problems with the immune system
  • Other infections (HPV or HIV)
  • Surgery
Cold, a common risk factor for herpes

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What are the signs of a herpes outbreak coming on?

As time goes by, the severity and duration of herpes will also decrease. People with recurrent outbreaks may recognize when a herpes outbreak coming on. Often, it appears with the following signs and symptoms:

  • Localized pain in the face or the genital area
  • Tingling, itching or burning sensations

These symptoms may present hours or days before the sores or blisters appear. A few symptoms only occur in the first outbreak and rarely occur in recurrent outbreaks. These are:

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Achy, flu-like feeling
  • “Run-down” feeling
  • Headaches
  • Muscle aches

If you are feeling a herpes outbreak coming on, use treatment immediately.

Signs of herpes

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What can you do to prevent herpes outbreaks?

If you are having recurrent outbreaks, start treatment as soon as the early signs start. The few tips below can help you relieve symptoms and prevent future outbreaks.   

Eat a healthy diet.

Get enough rest.

Drink plenty of water.


Relieve stress.

Apply Prosurx cream to the affected area two to three times a day. It can help lessen the pain, itching, burning and tingling associated with herpes. Antiviral nanoparticles in Prosurx can attack virus both on the surface and lower layers of your skin. Therefore, it can eliminate viruses more effectively, preventing recurrent outbreaks. Prosurx is also made with natural, antiviral ingredients like tea tree, and aloe Vera. These can help soothe the skin irritation and promote healing and recovery. Many people use Prosurx at the early signs of an outbreak and notice that no blisters occur. To get the best results, you should follow the directions exactly.

Healthy foods for herpes

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How can you prevent spreading herpes?

To lower your chance of spreading herpes, take some tips below:   

Not engage in sexual activity until the infection has healed.

Use condoms to protect your partner from catching the virus.

Avoid oral sex when you are having a cold sore.

Avoid touching or scratching the sore.

Wash your hands thoroughly before touching another person.

Talk to your doctor if your infection does not improve with medication.

Don’t have sex when you have herpes

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Herpes is not dangerous but can cause pain and discomfort. Moreover, people with herpes are more likely to develop other STIs like HIV. So if you recognize a herpes outbreak is coming on, consider treatment immediately. This can help you stop severe symptoms, prevent recurrent outbreaks, and avoid the spread and other STIs in the future.

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