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What Should I Do if I Date a Girl With Herpes

As herpes simplex virus (HSV) is very common, everyone has an equal chance of contracting it. In fact, 90% of adult people get this virus, but many of them don’t show up symptoms and they may not even know they have had it. If you date a girl with herpes, what you should do. It’s very crucial to take some precautions to reduce your risk of getting it from your partner.

How Can I Get Herpes From My Partner?

Herpes is a highly contagious virus, so it spreads easily. If you date a girl with herpes, your risk of contracting this virus will be higher. You can get herpes by

  • Skin-to-skin contact. Herpes passes through skin contact during sexual activities. All types of sexual act, like vaginal, oral, and anal sex give you herpes.
  • Quick touching the affected skin area. Quick skin-to-skin touching also increases your risk of getting it. If your partner has oral herpes, this virus can pass by kissing
  • Using the personal items with infected people. Herpes sometimes can be transmitted in non-sexual ways, such as towel, underwear, or razors. For example, using a towel with a person has herpes will give you the HSV.

HSV easily spreads through skin contacts, including kissing and sexual contacts

What Should I Do if I Date a Girl With Herpes?

Although herpes is spread easily, it doesn’t mean you can’t date a girl with herpes. Taking simple precautions will reduce your chances and help your partner boost the healing process. If you date a girl with herpes, you should

1. Know What Types of Herpes Your Partner Gets

Knowing the types of herpes your partner has will help you identify what behaviors can reduce your risk of a herpes infection. So the first thing you should to if dating a girl with herpes is asking her whether she has HSV-1 or HSV-2.

HSV-1 which is commonly responsible for cold sores often appear around the lips. They are passed by kissing and oral sex, but sharing utensils and towels is also put you at risk. Moreover, HSV-1 can spread to the genitals, but it seems to be mild and less likely to return after the primary outbreak.

However, HSV-2 is the main cause of genital herpes that can spread by genital contact. It’s hard to get this from shared utensils or towels. This HSV type can be also spread to any parts of the body, but it’s more likely to occur in the genitals. Outbreaks of HSV2 is also more common.

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2. Get Herpes Tested For Yourself

If you date a girl with herpes, you’re more prone to it. So getting herpes tested is especially important because you may have herpes and no symptoms. Plus, this can help to choose your behaviors while intimating with your partner. A swab test is available for a herpes infection with visible blisters. If you don’t develop herpes blisters or sores, blood tests can help.

  • If both have the same types of herpes, you can’t re-infect one another as both carries this strain HSV.
  • In case you have different types of herpes, you can spread that infection. For example, if you have HSV1 and your partner has HSV2, both can get infected with other HSV strains.
If you date a girl with herpes, you should get tested for this virus

3. Accept that Herpes Doesn’t go Away

Yes, it’s true. Once contracted herpes, this virus stays forever in your body. If your partner has it, she greatly experiences herpes recurrences. However, herpes isn’t as scary as you think. Although there’s no cure for it, it can be effectively managed by antiviral medications. Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, or Prosurx are helpful to alleviate or prevent herpes from returning. One more thing is herpes outbreaks (Why Are My Herpes Outbreaks Getting Worse?) can be reduced over times. When your immune system strengthens and produces antibody fighting off herpes, recurrences can be prevented.

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4. Be Careful With Intimation

If your partner feels an outbreak is coming on, you should avoid touching the affected areas. Herpes easily spreads during an outbreak, so you should avoid kissing, touching or having sex. Until it is healed, it’s better to avoid contact for one week. Keep in mind that herpes even passes without symptoms. Therefore, always wear condoms every time you engage with sex.

Be careful with intimation while dating a girl with herpes

5. Building Trust With Your Partner

If you date a girl with herpes, your partner can feel shy and guilty. Thus, you must sympathize and encourage her to overcome it. But the first thing is you need to ask yourself whether you’re willing to accept her and the risk of infection. Do you feel comfortable while performing sex? If yes, remind yourself that both HSV1 and HSV2 are common.

Next, ask your partner about her infection, what you can do for her and how can prevent the disease. Then, both should work together and find out the best ways to deal with herpes and protect you from getting it.

6. Thank Your Partner for an Open Conversation

Because herpes is a social stigma, telling and accepting it seems to be embarrassing. By telling the truth with you, she is showing how caring and respectful she is. Thank your partner for an open conversation is important to show your respect and your love with her.

Every sexually active person has an equal chance of getting herpes. If you date a girl with herpes, don’t worry. There’re many ways to deal with this virus and protect yourself from contracting it.

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